QPCC President's Box

URL : , Address : 94 Tragarete Road

Venue Name QPCC President's Box
Standing Capacity 120
Seating Capacity 70
Male Restroom 1
Female Restroom 1
Opening Days Hours
Monday 8am-4pm
Tuesday 8am-4pm
Wednesday 8am-4pm
Thursday 8am-4pm
Friday 8am-4pm
  • Venue Description :

    QPCC President's Box

    • Air conditioned Room
    • Round 10-seater tables
    • Rectangular tables for buffet & miscellaneous stations
    • Padded chairs
    • Linens – tablecloths, skirtings, (white & Ivory only)
    • Room layout/tear down
    • Clean-up services
    • Podium, riser (depends on availability)
    • Internet services inclusive of power adaptor
    • Standard Rental Fee
  • Venue Rules:
    • Room Reservation: A tentative booking will be held for two weeks only pending confirmation.
    • Room Confirmation:  A Non-refundable deposit of 25% of the rental fee and signed Rental Agreement.
    • The use of staples, tacks, adhesive materials are absolutely prohibited.
    • Safety Guidelines: All service providers must be in compliance with mandatory OSHA safety procedures in reference to the following:-
      • the construction and dismantling of any infrastructure
      • installation and exposure of cables, cords, extensions etc.
      • the use of the proper protective equipment and gear
    • Site Visits9.00 am to 3.00 pm, Monday to Friday.
    • Removal of Items: Immediately following event.
    • Close Off: All functions with the exception of parties end at 1.00 am, extra time will incur $500.00 ph.
    • Payments: All payments are due in full 21 working days prior to the event without exception.


  • Extra Info:

    Additional info:- Contact Personnel – Starlene Noel

                                                                                   Sherry Romero

                                                                                   Tel. #: 622-0473

  • Cancellation Policy:
    • Only the non-refundable deposit will be retained if the function is cancelled in writing at least 21 days prior to the scheduled function date.
    • 50% of the Room Rental will be retained for cancellations made under 21 days to the scheduled function date. (Inclusive of the non-refundable deposit)
    • No refund of the Room Rental will be given for cancellations made 7 days or less prior to the scheduled event.